ADVENTISM TOMORROW – by Jack Hoehn a Series on Progressive Adventism.

#1.)  Reading Your Bible with Greater Care. (How we view Scripture)
#2. ) Open to the Openness of God. (How we view God)
#3.) Against All Abuse, For all Love (Bible and homosexual people.)
#4.) Very Political.(Involvement in Governance)
#5.) Rehabilitating Satan.(Reality of Cosmic Conflict)
#6.) Militant Pacifism(Guns and Dinner)

#7a.) A Robust Creationism 
#7b.) Grown-Up Creationism
#7c.) Creative Discussions in Creationism

#8.)  Transfiguration–Seeing the Kingdom(Changing our Ideas)
#9.) The Blessed Knowledge Tree
#10.) The Indestructible Sabbath_____
#11.)_Goodby Dreams–Hello Jesus(Adventist Dreams and Reality)

#12.) Naked But Not Ashamed (Healthy Sexuality)_____________________________ 
#13.) Red Hot Sober (Alcohol and Drugs)


Other Articles by Jack:

An Adventist Remnant in the Wilderness (Age of Earth)   
No Dinosaurs in Iceland  (Age of Earth)
Review of Michael Behe’s Book Darwin Devolves. (Evolution, Intelligent Design)
Orion Rising (Expanding Adventist Cosmology)
“Gunter Bechley:  Converted by Evidence”(Evolution, Intelligent Design)
Review of Undeniable  by Douglas Axe (Evolution, Intelligent Design)
Belief Fortified by Reason (Resurrection Reasonable)
Your God is Too Small  (Opening Discussion on Design)

Pray to be Brave (Is God In Control?)

Plateau Prophecy (American Indian Prophets and 2nd Advent)

Mind Control in North Korea (Religion Must Be Open to Change)

(Personal experience and Health)
“Death on St. Valentine’s Day, Slow Resurrection” (Open Heart Surgery)
“Moving On” (Retirement)
Highly Seasoned With Spices (Are Hot Peppers Good For You?)
Demented Adventists (Fighting Alzheimer’s Disease)

(Church Politics)

“Watching Coercion and Attempted Control” (GC Politics) 
“The Transparency Cure”(Openess in SDA Administration)  

Vote for Jack? –Jack Launches His Campaign (GC Politics)
The Presidential Acceptance Speech You Didn’t Get to Hear  (GC Politics)

(Gender Equality)
Bareheaded Corinthian Women (Was Paul Against Female Equality?) 
Not a Rib (Better Translation of Genesis 2) 
“You, Too, Charlie Rose?”(Male Abuse)
Malala’s Father (No male headship in Christ)
Glacial Erratics (Moving On From Female Subordination)
God’s First Feminist (Understanding St. Paul on Gender)

(Series on DNA)

God’s Alphabet–DNA Part 1.
Reading God’s Alphabet–DNA Part 2.
Implications of an Intelligently Designed Alphabet–DNA Part 3.

(Series on Adventist Healthcare)
“The Very Best Thing Adventists Do—Adventist Healthcare part 1.”
“The Adventist Health Business—Adventist Healthcare part 2.”
“A Future for Adventists in Health Care?—Adventist Healthcare part 3.”

(Series on what to do with Ellen White’s inspired writings today.)

(Series on Age of Earth according to different natural “clocks.”)

(Adventist Today Print Magazine Articles):
Jack Hoehn, “The Greater ControversyHow Ellen White’s Great Controversy Theme May Help Coordinate Geologic and Biblical History” – Adventist Today, Volume 23, #1, Winter 2015, pages 14-21.  (Available on line to Atoday members at: )

Jack Hoehn wrote 3 articles (2 published as “staff”): Proposed Changes to 28 Fundamental Beliefs; Adventist Voice Concerns About Changing our Creation Statement; Freeing the First Angel and Reopening the Doors of AdventismAdventist Today, Volume 23, #2, Summer 2015 General Conference Special Issue, pages 42-47; 52.  (Available on line to Atoday members at: )

Jack Hoehn, “Post Tenebras Luxis” – Adventist Today, Volume 23, #4, Fall 2015, pages 36-41. After darkness, what? The Reformation motto claimed: After Darkness, Light. What do we do when darkness overtakes the light? What do Adventists damaged by the unfortunate decisions of the 2015 General Conference Session do now? (Available on line to Atoday members at: )

Jack Hoehn, Big Issues Over a Small Cup (Coffee and Tea),  Adventist Today, Fall 2017,  Volume 25, #3, pages 14-17. (Available on line to Atoday members at