#1.)  Reading Your Bible with Greater Care.
#2. ) Open to the Openness of God.
#3.) Against All Abuse, For all Love (the Bible and homosexual people.)
#4.) Very Political.


“Death on St. Valentine’s Day, Slow Resurrection”
” Billy Aint in Heaven, Hell Fires Haven’t Been Kindled, and It Don’t Matter.”
“Handel’s Messiah and Change”
“You, Too, Charlie Rose?”
“Watching Coercion and Attempted Control”
“Gunter Bechley:  Converted by Evidence”
“Moving On”
“The Transparency Cure”

(Series on Adventist Health)
“The Very Best Thing Adventists Do—Adventist Healthcare part 1.”
“The Adventist Health Business—Adventist Healthcare part 2.”
“A Future for Adventists in Health Care?—Adventist Healthcare part 3.”

(Series on Ellen White’s inspired writings today.)

(Series on age of earth by different natural  “clocks.”)

(Adventist Today Print Magazine Articles–available on-line to Atoday members):
Big Issues Over a Small Cup – (Coffee Tea and You)
The Greater Controversy:  How Ellen White’s Insights May Help Coordinate Geologic and Biblical History.  

Freeing the First Angel and Reopening the Doors of Adventism.
Post Tenebras Luxis – (Strategies for Fighting Darkness in the Church)