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Loving You—I Went to Africa

by Deanne Hoehn
(with Jack Hoehn)
Published October 16, 2023

At last a mission book? At last a book written by a woman? At last not dull theology? At last stories with adult content of life honestly told? An inside look into an exotic life most of us could only imagine? — all of these things are true.  Deanne spent 13 years of her young life writing these stories about becoming a missionary in the context of post-colonial Africa during the years of Nelson Mandela, Desmond Tutu, Kenneth Kaunda, the Rhodesian/ Zimbabwean war, Apartheid, Freedom Fighters, racism, sexism, poverty, gold, and diamonds in Africa.  And Adventists were still trying to send enough missionaries to “finish the work” so that Jesus could come back again. History is mostly written by men and they focus on the wars and deeds of men. But Chloe Angyal wrote, “It’s mostly men who write history but it’s women who live through the most of it. And in daily life, it’s women who do the work of remembering…”

Deanne wrote this book as it was happening.  She was recording the domestic, private, often forgotten stories of how (without guns, votes, advertisements, medals or monuments) racism, sexism, poverty caused by greed and exploitation in this world are secretly subverted. This is a true story of how Heaven secretly invades earth. This is about the hidden resistance to evil in this world that comes from the good men and many great women who specialize in the habitual application of love. The battlefield is in house, garden, neighborhood, kitchen, hospitality, sharing, teaching, birthing, failing, learning, and living.

Early readers are enthusiastic, “I started reading, and could not put it down! What a beautiful story. Completely drew me in and I read every word. The pacing, the way the events unfold feels like hearing a friend talking about an exotic life of service that could not even be imagined in its complexity. The letters create an intimacy…as if reading someone’s diary and learning what really happens and how it feels.”

(All profits from the book go to support Adventist Today.)

Paperback $22.00       Kindle e-book $9.95




Dear Aunt Sevvy

by Aunt Sevvy
July 10, 2023.

Aunt Sevvy is proud to announce the release of her book—a compilation of her finest answers, thoughtfully categorized into sections that touch upon “family and relationships,” “church and congregations,” “the Christian life,” “doctrines and teachings,” “lifestyle and standards,” and a particularly relevant segment on “questions during the pandemic.” This literary treasure promises to be a beacon for those seeking insights, whether they are rooted in deep spiritual contemplation or the everyday challenges faced by the Adventist community.

Aunt Sevvy strolled onto the Adventist Today set in January 2019, giving answers to questions that people are asking. Right out of the gate Aunty came on strong, and people noticed. She shot from the hip, and (it seems to us, at least) hit somewhere near the middle of the target more often than not. Folks were eager to engage with Aunty—sometimes agreeing with her, sometimes not. Many thought, I suppose, “My opinion is as good as hers!”—and they might have been right. In any case, she encourages continued dialogue, awaiting your next burning question at for more questions from her alternatively admiring and tomato-throwing public!

Who is the woman behind these bold responses? Despite the rising clamor to unveil the face behind the words, Aunt Sevvy’s identity remains an enigma. She doesn’t identify as a pastor, counselor, or a Biblical scholar, but she’s a little bit of all of those, too—leaving us with the intriguing mystery of her true identity. But, while her personal details remain hidden, her words are open for all to relish. With her book now available on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle formats, readers are invited to immerse themselves in Aunt Sevvy’s wisdom.  Happy reading!

202 pages.   Kindle eBook $9.97  Paperback $18.99




Adventist Tomorrow:  Fresh Ideas While Waiting for Jesus

by Jack Hoehn.
1st published February 17, 2021 by Adventist Today.
2nd  edition with improved font June 22, 2023

This book has sold more copies than any book every published by Adventist Today.   In response to reader requests a second edition using a more readable font for the Paperback edition has just been released. Jack Hoehn is a frequent contributor to both the print and the online versions of Adventist Today.  This book offers ideas for those of us who value our Christian past, but wish to grow and enhance our current faithfulness to the truth.  It assumes that the Seventh-day Adventist heritage of progressive understanding of truth (“Present Truth”) is alive and well.  And that the future of a living faith is learning new and better ways to understand old ideas and doctrines.

Reader comments include:  “Jack is totally honest…but very caring and loving.”    “I really appreciate the book.   It challenged my assumptions and gives me hope for a more relevant church.”  “Interesting and thought-provoking.”  “It has been a genuine pleasure and a relief…you have added very richly to…the Adventist soul itself.”  “I bought 3 copies.  Love the book.”   “We talk about the Adventist past and the frustrating present, but the future of Adventism is our blank slate.  Adventist Tomorrow is a guidebook to that future.” 

Readers have used the book for Sabbath-school classes and in their book clubs.  One reader gave copies to every member of the Board and every Teacher at his Adventist academy. Use this book for personal review of your Adventist beliefs and a challenge to move forward in progressive truth that will help us meet today’s challenges.  Offer it to those tired of the same old answers to their spiritual needs who might be willing to give Adventist a second chance is we expand our message to meet today’s Jesus afresh.

(All profits from the book go to support Adventist Today.)
283 pages, 35 chapters and Reading List.    Paperback $22.00       Kindle eBook $9.95





The Parables of Jesus:  Spiritual Stories for Today’s Readers

by Sakae Kubo. 
Published December 12, 2017 by Adventist Today.

Dr. Sakae Kubo is the author of 15 books based on his ability to read the Bible in its original languages. A widely respected speaker and scholar, he served as professor of religion at Andrews University in Michigan, dean of the School of Theology at Walla Walla University in Washington, dean of Atlantic Union College in Massachusetts and president of Newbold College in England. He earned a PhD from the University of Chicago after completing his undergraduate and seminary degrees at Andrews University.

Five Star reader reviews say this: “Great explanations of the parables and how they relate to our individual lives. There are a lot of parables and quite a few that I had never read before.”  And “Nice anecdotes and supporting text. The author does well making the main points very clear…”

Paperback  $20.00      Kindle eBook $9.95 [Free with Kindle Unlimited]






Independent Journalism in a Faith Community: And Other Essays

by David Neff  and Loren Seibold.
Published December 31, 2019 by Adventist Today

David Neff served on the editorial staff at Christianity Today, the largest circulation religious periodical in the United States from 1985 to 2013, serving the last decade as the chief editor. Because of his stature in faith-based journalism and his Adventist roots, the Adventist Today Foundation invited him to speak during its 25th Anniversary celebration April 21, 2018. The lecture  provided the basis for one of the chapters in this volume. Neff believes strongly in the need for independent journalism in faith communities.   Loren Seibold is the current chief editor of Adventist Today famous for his pastoral, progressive views of Christianity.

Paperback $9.95    Kindle eBook $5.00


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  • Fifth Generation—Spiritual Treasures of Mature Adventism
    by John Thomas McLarty
    Paperback 127 pages (2005)

Fifth Generation paints vivid sketches of the particular spiritual treasures of mature Adventism.  It offers a vision of Adventism rooted in the heritage of the Church and addressed to the spiritual and intellectual concerns of contemporary spiritual seekers.  This book shows how Adventism can serve as a bridge between “the God who would rather die than live without us” and the minds of people who hunger for God but can’t get past their questions.  By a beloved pastor and former editor of Adventist Today. 


  • Understanding Genesis—Contemporary Adventist Perspectives
  • by Brian Bull, Fritz Guy & Ervin Taylor, Editors.
  • Paperback 195 pages (2009)

That God is approachable by reason is foundational to Christianity and even more so to Adventism.
11 chapters by progressive Adventist thought leaders on understanding Creation.


  • Desmond Ford—Reformist Theologian, Gospel Revivalist
    by Milton Hook
    Paperback 404 pages (2008)
    This exhaustively researched and anecdotally packed book by Milton Hook, Ed.D is still “the comprehensive biography” of Desmond Ford up to the date of its publication and still not surpassed by any other book on Dr. Ford.  Who was this man and how did be become a lightning rod for Adventism, our own version of Benjamin Franklin’s kite in a thunder storm?
  • The Adventist Search for Direction
    by David Newman
    Paperback 128 pages (2011)

Pastor David Newman was editor of Ministry magazine for 11 years and also edited Adventist Today magazine in the past.  He still believes that God has a purpose for the Adventist Church and this book has his suggestions for us to consider.

  • Who Watches? Who Cares?—Misadventures in Stewardship
    by Douglas Hackleman
    paperback 380 pages (2008)

Douglas Hackleman was an ardent Adventist but when he discovered the enormous losses suffered by the Seventh-day Adventist church and the lack of honest response and transparency his love of truth required this book.  This is not an easy read, but was written to try to protect the church.  Readers will decide if it has been effective.


  • The Red Books—Our Search for Ellen White, DVD

Do you do DVDs?  This is the historic 2008 play on DVD by the Dramatic Arts Society of Pacific Union College.  Documentary theatre that explores the SDA community’s relationship with our founder.  “Dynamic, always honest, and thoroughly entertaining.”