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Mission of Adventist Today

Adventist Today (AT) reports on contemporary issues of importance to Adventists and those interested in the Adventist faith. Following basic principles of ethics and canons of journalism, AT strives for fairness, candor and good taste.

Guiding Principles

Some of our readers may at times be uncomfortable with some of what they see. It is important to keep in mind the founding principles for this publication:

1. Because its focus is on a particular community of Christian faith, AT seeks always to build the Kingdom of God and to feature the best elements of the Adventist movement. It also will raise questions when elements of Adventist faith arise that detract from, or distract its adherents from the Kingdom of God. We believe that it is important to note that honorable and sincere Adventist believers may not always completely agree as to what defines those best or distracting elements.

2. AT is not a “house organ” which is what some readers call publications such as those published by a denomination or institution. AT is not required to advance any particular theological point of view or endorse any specific organizational policy. AT is an independent journalism enterprise not beholden to any ecclesiastical, corporate or institutional sponsor.

3. What is published by AT in any format may or may not reflect the personal views of those responsible for the various functions that make publication possible. The views expressed by AT personnel represent a wide spectrum of convictions related to theological, religious and other issues. All members of the AT board and staff respect the freedom of colleagues to share their diverse opinions and are pleased that AT is understood to be a place where ideas can be safely shared.

4. The AT board and staff affirm that their intention is to publish only that which represents our efforts to reach the highest standards of journalistic excellence and integrity.

Objectives of Adventist Today

The governing board of the AT Foundation voted these objectives on October 20, 2012, primarily for internal use by the board, staff and writers, but also for possible publication.

1. Serve as an independent news source for the Adventist community.

2. Provide a “free speech area” in the Adventist community.

3. Engage new generations of Adventists and encourage them with resources that enable them to make sense of their faith in the current context in which they live and work.

4. Publish responsible opinion on major issues facing Adventists that reflects a full range of views and perspectives.

5. Pursue stories that the official denominational media tend to ignore or do not report fully.

6. Support a Christ-centered, grace-oriented, progressive, compassionate and hopeful expression of contemporary Adventist faith.

7. Give Adventist writers and artists a place in which to share their creative work.

8. Continue to publish on paper and in Web, Email and PDF formats, as well as add new technologies.

9. Publish and distribute books and other resources as appropriate.

10. Encourage a relational approach to church life and the work of the Foundation.