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History of Adventist Today

The first issue of Adventist Today was published in the spring of 1993. The idea for the publication was conceived the previous fall by a group at Loma Linda, California, comprised of Keith Colburn, Raymond Cottrell, Richard Hammill, Ervin Taylor and Jim Walters. They knew each other as members of the same Sabbath School class at the University Church. The founders originally envisioned a scholarly journal, but soon changed its focus to journalism. They believed that the maturing Seventh-day Adventist denomination needed objective news and open discussion of issues in order to achieve the representative type of church governance that it claims.

By late 1998, Adventist Today had a paid circulation of nearly 2,500 in more than a dozen nations around the globe. Several talented people have served in key editorial leadership roles, starting with the late Raymond Cottrell, who served for many years as an associate editor of the Adventist Review and the Seventh-day Adventist Bible Commentary Series. Others include Duane Covrig, Steve Daily, Delwin Finch, Cheri Lynn Gregory, Gayle Saxby, James Stirling, Ervin Taylor, Colleen Moore Tinker, James Walters, Susan Walters, John McLarty, Andy Nash and J. David Newman. Currently Loren Seibold serves as Executive Editor. 

The name Adventist Today was selected to convey a journalistic intent, but more importantly to suggest the priority of contemporary Adventist faith. Adventist Today is dedicated to the mission and well-being of the church as a journal of news, analysis and opinion that assists thoughtful Adventists in forming accurate, balanced views of current events and issues within the church. Following basic principles of ethics and canons of journalism, this publication strives for fairness, candor and good taste. The editors realize that many church members prefer an official presentation of news and issues, and respect that approach. Adventist Today is for people who prefer to think issues through for themselves on the basis of all available information.

Adventist Today is published in a number of versions utilizing the wide range of media available: daily reports and articles in our Web edition, daily pieces on our Facebook page and via Twitter, a weekly Email edition and a quarterly print magazine (with subscriptions either on paper or via PDF download). It is published by the Adventist Today Foundation, a nonprofit organization sustained by subscriptions and charitable donations.