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Foundation Board

Adventist Today Foundation
Governing Board Officers

AT Board Chair: Bill Garber, Berrien Springs, Michigan

AT Board Vice Chair: Jan Cetti, San Diego, California

AT Secretary: James Walters, Claremont, California

AT Treasurer: Edward Reifsnyder, Fort Collins, Colorado

Governing Board Members

Raj Attiken, Springboro, Ohio
Marit Case, Carmichael, California
Chris Daley, Silver Spring, Maryland
Jack Hoehn, Walla Walla, Washington
Bjorn Karlman, Bracknell, England
Mailen Kootsey, Redlands, California
Alvin Masarira, Johannesburg, South Africa
Chuck Mitchell, San Diego, California
J. David Newman, Mt. Airy, Maryland
Lindsey Painter, Ukiah, California

Gary Raines, Glendale, California
Elmar Sakala, Redlands, California
Julie Scott, College Place, Washington
Carmen Seibold, Columbus, Ohio
Loren Seibold, Columbus, Ohio
David Van Putten, Inglewood, California
John Vogt, Glendale, California

Each year the board elects from among its members a chairman and vice chairman. The bylaws designate the executive director of the foundation as secretary of the board.