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About Us

Adventist Today (AT) is an independent journalism ministry serving the global Adventist community and readers interested in a reliable source of information about the Adventist faith and institutions. AT publishes in a number of formats: daily on the Web, via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter; weekly via email; and quarterly in a print journal.

Adventist Today is not subsidized by or controlled by the Seventh-day Adventist denomination, or any other religious group. It is an entirely independent journalistic enterprise answerable only to its readers and donors. AT is published by the Adventist Today Foundation, a nonprofit organization incorporated in Oregon in the United States. The membership and governing board include current and retired denominational employees (administrators, clergy and educators) and individuals (current and past church members) who have never been denominational employees.

Adventist Today is dedicated to the generally-recognized standards of professional journalism, as well as the values and teachings of Jesus Christ. We define “Adventist” in a broad sense, beyond the official members of one denomination, including a number of groups within the Adventist faith tradition, inactive and former members of these groups, and many people who were raised in Adventist families and today may participate in other denominations or faith communities, or no religion at all.

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