May 2, 2016:    The Audience Choice Award at the International Christian Film Festival last week went to Love Different, a comedy about ethnicity and diversity from SONset Friday Entertainment. The production company is led by Anthony Hackett, a young Adventist cinema creator and actor originally from Denver and now living in the Washington DC area. The event is the largest Christian movie festival in the world.

Love Different has a story line about Lindsay Walker, a white woman from a small, all-white town who gets a job at an African American consulting firm and finds herself in complete culture shock. An African American colleague named Neque Campbell is assigned to help Lindsay get acquainted with African American culture. Lindsay has 48 hours for a crash course and the 94-minute movie follows the two women on their hilarious and eye-opening journey as they both come to understand even more than they signed up for.

The cast includes Jenn Gotzon who has previously appeared in Doonby and God’s Country, Tommy Ford who has had roles in the television show Martin and the movie Harlem Nights, and Kevin Fredericks who appeared in Family Exchange and is a viral YouTube star. Hackett also plays a role in the movie as he has previously in Crisis Call and Badge Of Faith.

The movie has already won awards for the best feature film at the Charlotte (North Carolina) Film Festival earlier this year and for the best feature film by a rising director at the Orlando (Florida) Urban Film Festival last year. It is also an official selection to show this year at the Maryland International Film Festival, the DNA Filmworks Expo and The Narrow Way Film Festival.

Love Different can be purchased in DVD or rented over various movie distribution systems at this web site: