13 October 2019 | A woman in Hall County, Georgia, allegedly set fire to the Gainesville Seventh-day Adventist Church on October 6 after being caught breaking into a nearby shed.

Atlanta news site AJC reported that Dana Elaine Lawton was found lying on the floor of the church by deputies. She was carried out of the burning church as she refused to cooperate with authorities.

When they attempted to arrest her outside, the 33-year-old tried to stab the deputies several times with an ink pen according to a County Sheriff’s Office news release.

According to AJC, Lawton was also accused of spitting on two deputies when she was placed in a patrol car.

The suspect has been charged with a count of first-degree arson, two counts of second-degree burglary and two counts of obstruction. In addition, she faces two counts of probation violation.

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