20 February 2018 | During a sermon last Saturday in Uganda, Elder Ted Wilson, the president of the General Conference of the Adventist Church, called on Ugandan Adventists to reject Western cultural influence on family values.

“Family is the cornerstone of society. Western culture has tarnished the whole meaning of family,” said Wilson according to Uganda’s Daily Monitor, “But here in Africa God has given you a sacred belief in family. Do not accept the foreign culture to influence you on the idea of marriage. Do not be violent and continue to love each other.”

Wilson was speaking to thousands of Adventists assembled at the Kololo ceremonial ground in the Ugandan capital of Kampala.

The Adventist leader also warned those in attendance not to use Adventist pulpits for political campaigning.

“It is against our code of ethics as SDA to stand on the pulpit and start to campaign for someone. Telling them to vote for this one or the other, support this policy or the other. Our work is to preach to the people and show them the right way to heaven and not involve ourselves in politics,” said Wilson.

The GC president was on a four-day visit to Uganda. On Friday, February 17, Wilson met personally with Yoweri Museveni, the Ugandan head of state. The Ugandan president pledged to consider abolishing Saturday examinations in schools after a personal appeal from Wilson.

Adventist students in the country are currently disadvantaged as they are unable to attend Saturday classes and exams due to their observance of Saturday as Sabbath.

Museveni briefly attended the event at the Kololo ceremonial ground.

The Adventist denomination in Uganda has over 325,000 members with over 1000 churches.

Image released to Wikipedia creative commons by Tor Tjeransen

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