11 September 2018 | Dimitri Daniels, an 18-year-old volunteer at a youth group connected to Mt. Pisgah Seventh-day Adventist Church in Miami Gardens, Florida, has been arrested after confessing to sex acts with his 5-year-old cousin.

He is facing charges of sexual assault by an adult on a victim under 12 and lewd and lascivious behavior by an adult on a victim under 12. He confessed to law enforcement that this was not the first time sexual contact had taken place between him and his cousin.

Alex Royes, lead pastor at Mt. Pisgah Seventh-day Adventist Church, confirmed Daniels belongs to the church, but had never held a leadership or supervisory role involving children.

The police reports stated that sexual acts between Daniels and his cousin had happened four times before. After the most recent incident, Daniels was brought to the police station by family members. He confessed to the behavior to police.

“I highly respect the family for encouraging the suspect to admit to his crime and physically bringing him to the police department to confess,” said Amanda Conwell, a Pembroke Pines police spokesperson, according to the Miami Herald.

Law enforcement have asked for parents with children that may have come into contact with Daniels to speak to them and report any information about further victims to the police.

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