1 February 2018 | Del Delker, a singer best known in Adventist circles for her work as a soloist for the Voice of Prophecy radio ministry, passed away at the age of 93 on January 31 in Porterville, California.

A post on the Voice of Prophecy Facebook page announcing her passing features a quote from her close friend, and fellow musician, Phil Draper: “I spoke to her last week and found her bright, witty and jovial — but tired. She was ready to rest in the arms of Jesus. She commented how she’d sung and talked about the soon coming of Jesus and was amazed it hadn’t happened. Next awakening she will see Him face-to-face. I promised her we’d travel through the Universe singing His praises. Rest dear friend, Del. I will see you in the Morning.”

Delker began singing for The Voice of Prophecy in 1947. She recorded over forty albums for Chapel Records (now Chapel Music), the official music label of the Adventist Church.

The singer toured the world with VOP, often performing hymns in local languages. Her regular presence on Adventist radio and television shows led to Delker becoming one of the best known musicians in the Adventist Church.

In October 2015, Adventist Today published a feature story about Delker with more of the story of her life here.

And a year ago Adventist Today published an announcement of the release of a tribute album by Stephanie Dawn which includes many of the songs for which Delker is well known here.

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