Painting by Yarilynne Regalado, posted by Debbonnaire Kovacs, Dec 16, 2015 Used by permission

Yarilynne Regalado

As many of you know, I am constantly seeking more art (of all varieties!) for this space, so I was happy to make contact with the organizers, in Florida Conference, of a young artists’ retreat called VERB, which you can learn more about in this week’s Arts News section. Cheryl Roda-Wu, of the Youth Ministries Dept, gave me permission to use this young woman’s art, which had been featured in their weekly update on Oct 13, 2015, (where you can learn more about her).

Yarilynne Regalado is a senior at East Bay High School, where she also serves as leader and treasurer of their Fellowship of Christian Athletes. She is a member of the Tampa First Seventh-day Adventist Church, and an artist whose hobbies, besides drawing and painting, include piano, guitar, and basketball.

At the 2014 High School Bible Retreat (HSBR), attendees were challenged to do a painting representing that year’s theme, “Unfinished.” Yarilynne presented her painting (above) at this year’s HSBR in early October. Here is what she had to say about her painting:

“When we think of Jesus’s sacrifice, we immediately think of the cross.  I wanted to use the human heart as a symbol of His sacrifice.  Jesus came down as a human being and lived a perfect life in the midst of temptations, trials, and struggles of His own.  Because of the perfect human sacrifice, the battle between good and evil was won; His work on Earth was finished.  Due to His grace, we have the chance to meet Him and live with Him for eternity.  If we choose to accept Christ into our lives, He will use our unfinished and broken situations to show His finished plan to us.  Our lives are imperfect.  Our struggles are hard.  Our own nature is flawed.  We are not perfect, but Jesus says that we are enough.  His sacrifice gives us the chance to reveal His finished plan through the lives and stories of unfinished people.”