By Debbonnaire Kovacs, Dec 16, 2015

My Soul Doth Magnify…

By now, if you’ve read much of my writing at all, you know how hard I try to imagine. What it was like at creation. What it was like to be Abraham, or Rachel, or David. What it felt like to be a disciple of Jesus, or an apostle in the early church. I don’t really try to imagine what it would have been like to be Jesus. The human side of things, I get…but the rest is so far beyond human comprehension that I just sort of stand in awe and go no farther.

Mary, though…I am a mother. I’ve gone through birth, and sometimes in some pretty difficult circumstances. I’ve worried over children in danger, whether from circumstances or from illness. I’ve watched them go out from my influence, wondering if I’ve done enough to prepare them for the Great World out there, which will pretty much try to shoot down whatever they try to do…especially if it has to do with love.

I’ve had a sword pierce my soul on occasion, though nothing like hers, and I pray God I NEVER see a child of mine executed!

But I’m way ahead of the story. Right now, Mary is just a pregnant young girl. She has this miraculous, astonishing thing that I do know about—another human being growing inside her. (Unbelievable, as all mothers know.) Added to that, Mary knows her child is…is the Messiah!

…is the Anointed One!

…is the Son of God!!

And so she sings. She can’t help it.

Once again, I have a link to share with you—a breathtaking rendition of Mary’s Magnificat. My choir sang this last week, and I, at least, had chills, but I don’t know if we sounded as angelic as this boys’ choir. May it bless you. And may you open your heart to the unbelievable, astonishing love this season is all about—light in the darkness, hope in the short days, peace no matter what, and everlasting joy.