By Kenton Adams, age 15; posted Feb 9, 2017

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Once on a time the smith did say,

“Let’s make for us some forks for hay.

And when we’re o’er, we’ll have the pleasure

Of massive stacks, which are a treasure.”

But when the smith began that day,

The haughty steel began to say,

“Why do I have to be a tine?

That’s just not what I had in mind.

If only I was made a steeple,

Watched and praised by all the people,

Just think of glory, praise, and all,

Instead of dangling on the wall.”

Oh Lord how oft I try I try in vain,

To gain for now the world’s own fame,

But help me Lord to see from Thee,

How oft this steel resembles me.

Bending heated steel with a bending fork. Photo provided by Kenton Adams.