From inSpire’s website, posted Feb 9, 2017     inSpire and Big Umbrella Resources are joining forces April 21-22, 2017 to sponsor the inSpire Innovator’s Conference in Loma Linda, California. If you are an Adventist creative with a passion for using media (music, visual art, writing, videography, drama and more) to tell God’s story in compelling and relevant ways, plan to be with us.

Two contests are in the works for 2017: 1) Songwriting  2) Creative writing

Co-sponsored by Loma Linda University Church and Pacific Union Conference Church Support Services. Program details will be posted soon!

In addition to other elements, including the morning worship services, the afternoon will feature Ted Talk-like presentations from a handful of creatives that participants will be able to dialogue about. You should expect good music, art, photography and more. An Open Mic will be held in the late afternoon. Hope you can join us. The event is FREE!