26 February 2019 | Pioneer Memorial Church on the campus of Andrews University has announced that Ted Wilson, the president of the General Conference of the Adventist Church, will answer pre-submitted questions at a live, in-person event at the church on March 2.

The announcement says that Wilson and “some of his colleagues” will be present at the church from 2:00 – 5:00 p.m. and that Wilson will “share some exciting updates on mission and talk with us about unity in the church” while leaving the last 40 minutes for questions and answers.

Those wishing to ask Wilson and his team questions are invited to submit their questions via this online form.

Andrews University is an Adventist university located in Berrien Springs, Michigan. Founded in 1874 as Battle Creek College, it was the first higher education facility started by the denomination and is widely recognized as the flagship university of the church. It has over 3,000 students on campus. The institution offers approximately 130 undergraduate programs and 70 graduate programs.

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