By Debbonnaire Kovacs, 1-19-2017

This week’s devotion is about handbells. At our church the entire handbell ensemble is named Unity for reasons which you will understand after reading that devotion. We also have a smaller ensemble of the most experienced and coordinated musicians, called Spirited. Here is a chance to see this smaller group at work. Watch for examples of some of the things I spoke of in the devotion—different people doing entirely different things, looking to each other to stay together (the director is playing), and sometimes playing each other’s bell when needed.

I am not in this smaller group, (I’m not that good!) but I am in this picture. That’s me at the upper right, in white pants with a turquoise top, and my head cut off. And that’s me you hear whooping at the end, because I know what kind of work they’ve had to do to pull this off!–zyLg

Spirited Handbell Ensemble, playing Capriccio, by Kevin McChesney