14 May 2021 | Malachai Scott Roger Wylie, a student teacher in New Zealand, is accused of what the country’s Stuff news site described as “sexual acts with other people’s shoes for fetish websites.”

In addition to student teaching posts at other institutions, Stuff reports that Wylie had a placement at Longburn Adventist College (an Adventist boarding school near Palmerston North) in late 2020.

“He’s also believed to have messaged women using fake profiles on social media asking for pictures of their shoes.

“The pictures were then posted online, along with pictures of the women, without their knowledge. There are potentially dozens of victims,” reported Stuff.

The Adventist school’s principal, Brendan van Oostveen, told Stuff Wylie was there for a “short period of time”.

“We have communicated with parents in the school community around the details associated with this man and his role as a student teacher.

“The school community has also been given the opportunity to seek ongoing support from the school and police,” said the principal.

Stuff reported that court documents state Wylie faces two charges of behaving in an offensive manner in Number One Shoes, as well as a charge of theft of a customer’s insole.

His case is being heard at Palmerston North District Court.

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