14 May 2021 | Adventists from the Vicente Pires congregation in the Federal District (DF) of Brazil recently reported outreach efforts to circus performers connected to Circo Portugal in the Taguatinga area of the Federal District.

The congregation, together with other Adventists, had been looking for ways to reach out to people suffering from loss of work during the pandemic.

“It was then that we met the Circus [workers]. We went out to distribute [food baskets], and when we passed the Circus we started to sing for them. And one of the young women started to cry. That caught my attention,” said one of the outreach organizers, Ana Ligia, according to a South American Division news story translated into English for Adventist News Network (ANN.)

Ligia collected food baskets and delivered them to the circus members.

“In addition to the baskets, we took the word of God to them. We had a service as if we were in the church,” said Ligia.

The outreach grew to the point where a week of spiritual meetings was organized for the circus performers.

Joice Portugal, the circus administrator, commented that she had never experienced anything like the interaction with the Adventist volunteers.

“The circus has become a church. It was really incredible. My father, who is 77 years old and was born in the circus, had also never had such an experience. In the service, we feel something incredible, supernatural, which I cannot explain. I thank the Church for being so human and for teaching and showing so much love, empathy and faith,” she said.

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