News reports from the Potomac Conference, Loma Linda University Health, Peruvian Union University, Adventist University of the Philippines, Adventist Peace Fellowship and Southern Adventist University:

From APD – The official news agency of the Adventist Church in parts of Europe: On the 29th of June, the Potomac Conference ordained Therezinha Barbalho for pastoral ministry. Barbalho grew up in Brazil and attended the theological seminary at the Adventist University of São Paulo (UNASP), in São Paulo, Brazil.

She served as a Bible worker in a Seventh-day Adventist Church in Belém, São Paulo, and decided to continue her education by studying law in 1993. After graduating in 1998 she worked as a licensed attorney in Brazil and served for 13 years as a volunteer pastor.

From 2004 Therezinha Barbalho worked for more than five years as Associate Pastor in the Luso-Brazilian Church in Newark, New Jersey. In 2009 she became senior pastor of the Brazilian Church of Richmond, Virginia. After three years of studies Barbalho completed a Masters of Divinity at the theological seminary at Andrews University. Since 2017 she has served as senior pastor of the Adventist church in Silver Spring, Maryland.

From a Loma Linda University Health news story – Loma Linda University celebrated the first commencement ceremonies of two Seventh-day Adventist medical schools it helped to establish in Peru and the Philippines over four years ago.

In January of 2019, the Peruvian Union University (UPeU) School of Medicine graduated 26 in a ceremony held on campus in Naña, Lima province, Peru.

Last month, Adventist University of the Philippines (AUP) College of Medicine held a “Prima Lux” or “First Light” ceremony in Silang, Cavite province, Philippines, graduating 16.

Nathan Brown, author of the Adventist Sabbath School quarterly this quarter has collaborated with Adventist Peace Fellowship for a podcast that will follow the lesson each week with a more in-depth discussion of the topic of social justice.

According to ADRA, Brown has also written For the Least of These, a companion book to the quarterly that includes plenty of stories from ADRA’s work. It can be found at Here’s a link to the first podcast:

Southern Adventist University’s Enactus team has been ranked in the top 8% of Enactus chapters in the United States. The team is a chapter of the international organization whose members present entrepreneurial projects they develop to make a positive social and humanitarian impact while gaining valuable business experience.

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