10 July 2019  |

Dr. Elwin Dunn, early supporter of Adventist Today, died last week. He was a 1958 graduate of the School of Medicine at Loma Linda University who practiced as a surgeon in southern California for 60 years, as well as an active member of the Seventh-day Adventist faith.

Dunn served on the AT board for about two decades, including ten years as chair of the board. He also wrote many articles, both news and commentary. He was for many years an elected member of the executive committee of the denomination’s Southeastern California Conference and for five years served on the executive committee of the North American Division.

Dr. Jim Walters, one of AT’s co-founders and currently vice chair of the board recalls, “I was on the lookout for good board members, and Elwin Dunn caught my eye. He was known on the conference executive committee … as a man of independent thought, reasoned analysis and courteous boldness.”

Born in Jamaica to missionary parents who also spent time living in the Bahamas and Puerto Rico, young Elwin completed grades 1 through 4 in Spanish. He graduated from high school in Columbus, Ohio, and completed a BA in biology and chemistry at Pacific Union College before entering medical school at Loma Linda.

After several years of kidney disease during which he received dialysis treatment several times a week, he passed away on July 4 in the hospital. He is survived by his second wife Jane Reopelle Dunn, to whom he was married for four years, and his two children, Robert and Karen and their children.

Picture: Dr. Elwin Dunn, L., with AT editor Loren Seibold in 2016.

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