News reports from San Bernardino, California; the School of Social Work at Southern Adventist University; Andrews University; Union College and Australia’s South Queensland Conference:

From Loma Linda University Health (edited for length):
Families in San Bernardino enjoyed a Thanksgiving bounty of fresh fruits and vegetables they grew themselves, thanks to Loma Linda University Health’s donation of a one-acre parcel to establish an organic community garden and outdoor activity center.

The city of San Bernardino is one of Southern California’s food deserts — areas where people have limited access to affordable, nutritious food due to poverty, food insecurity, access to grocery stores and lack of transportation.

“Jardín de la Salud,” Spanish for “Garden of Health,” is an initiative of the Loma Linda University Community-Academic Partners in Service (CAPS), part of the Institute for Community Partnerships (ICP), to provide wholesome produce and safe outdoor green spaces to the local underserved population.

Nearly 30 families received plots of land this summer to grow their own organic fruits and vegetables. Produce such as tomatoes, bell peppers, chilis, eggplant, zucchini, beans, carrots and beets are being grown, feeding four or more people in a home.

According to a Southern Adventist University Facebook update today, the institution’s School of Social Work recently continued a conversation with the Chattanooga Police Department regarding systemic and institutional injustices, as well as research between the police department and the School of Social Work titled “Enhancing Law Enforcement Response to Victims.”

The research looks at ways to use best practices in developing a victim-centered approach to police service. It involves elements of police accountability and citizen participation in improving law enforcement. The collaboration between Southern and the police department has been going on for five years.

Recently, Andrews University was given a five-year grant for $2 million by the U.S. Department of Education. The grant is intended to provide a path to success for at-risk students and to improve enrollment of minority students. Learn more about the grant at

Union College students earning the school’s degree in International Rescue and Relief are doing their practical training in Alaska instead of Africa this year because of the pandemic. According to Union, the students plan to run a medical clinic in the remote village of Kotzebue. In addition, they’ve been assigned to be the medical, first aid and COVID team for the Iditarod dogsled race. Their training will include avalanche rescue and wilderness EMT instruction.

From Adventist Record: Adventist artists, musicians, filmmakers, writers, social media influencers and other creatives attended a Creative Conference organised by visual communication ministries associate director Charmaine Patel from the South Queensland Conference (SQC) on November 13 and 14.

The event was hosted at Springwood Seventh-day Adventist Church (Brisbane) and livestreamed to YouTube and Facebook. Hundreds of people either tuned in or attended the venue to watch keynotes and practical presentations by Adventists who use media and creativity in their professional or personal spheres.

Across four sessions, attendees enjoyed presentations from Wes Tolhurst (filmmaker and storyteller), Ray Moaga (social media influencer), Haynes Posala “Haynza” (songwriter), Michael Petrie (worship leader), Karen Collum (creative writer), Catalina Arevalo (host of Connected Adventist podcast) and Laura Weslake (photographer).

Interspersed between workshops and presentations was an interview with interior designer Raquel Fletcher, as well as a presentation from GiGi magazine and podcast creators Steph, Esther and Maria Espinoza, a live painting by Patty Gillespie, and original music by songwriters KC and Sydney Wolverton.

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