News reports from Estonia, Germany, North American Division, Southern Adventist University.

Do You Have What It Takes to Be a Bible Quiz Champion?

The Christian television network Hope TV is looking for candidates for a new TV Bible quiz show, reported the APD. The main prize in the finale of the quiz show is a trip for two to Israel. Adults aged 18 and over from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland can apply on the website until the end of April 2022.

What Adventist Health Hospital Is One of the U.S.’ 250 Best Hospitals?

Adventist Health Bakersfield has been named one of America’s 250 best hospitals by Healthgrades, which assesses overall hospital performance, reported 23 ABC News. According to Healthgrades, patients are more likely to experience successful treatment at the medical center than at others. The hospital is also receiving recognition for a number of specialties and sub-specialties, including critical care and neurosciences.

What Adventist University Had 7 Students Win 7 Awards at Sonscreen?

During the Sonscreen Film Festival held in April 2022 at the Loma Linda University Church in California, U.S., seven film production students in Southern Adventist University’s School of Visual Art and Design won seven awards:

  • Best in Fest and Best in Drama: “Like Paper,” Michaela Hounslow
  • Best in Documentary: “As You Are,” Tyler Whitsett and Sid Ramirez
  • Best in Art Experimental: “Truth Is Stranger,” Michael Moyer
  • Best in Comedy: “Life of Walter,” Michael Moyer
  • Jury Selection: “We Are People,” Marcus Maynes
  • Audience Choice: “Spark,” Ashton Weiss and Michael Rackley

Hounslow, a senior, felt humbled to receive the highest award and credits her film crew for their perseverance throughout the process. “Making films is a vulnerable, exhausting process, and when that work is rewarded, it’s a special kind of encouragement,” Hounslow said.

What Helps Children Develop Sustainable Faith?

The Estonian Children’s Ministry Seminar, led by Karen Holford (Family, Women, and Children’s Ministries director for the Trans-European Division TED), was held April 1-3, 2022, at Simisalu, Estonia. “I don’t want to put a heavy burden on people’s shoulders; instead, I want to show them how easy it is to transform children’s lives and help them to fall in love with God forever,” said Holford.

Aiki Pärna, Children’s Ministry director for the Estonian Conference, challenged the 25 attendees to “take three ideas away and put them into practice in your home church, and this weekend will have been a success!”

Some ideas:

  1. At bedtime, ask children where they saw God working today. Invite them to mention three things they want to thank God for, or three things that went well. Share with them something positive you noticed about them during the day and ensure that they fall asleep feeling loved, happy, blessed, and peaceful.
  2. Learn the 24 different character traits that are valued in every culture. Develop your characters together as a family and be aware of when your child shows one of these strengths. Congratulate and affirm their good choices! Find fun and creative ways to nurture these strengths (especially kindness) in your child’s life.
  3. Make Sabbaths a delight in your home and at church! Involve children creatively in your church services and choose Sabbath activities that they will enjoy.

PBE for 900, Please

Pathfinder teams from across North America and the world gathered in person and remotely on April 22-23, 2022, for the Pathfinder Bible Experience division finals. This was the first in-person division Pathfinder event since the COVID-19 pandemic forced the cancellation of the 2020 event.

Sixty-three teams gathered in person at the Lane Events Center in Eugene, Oregon, U.S., and 30 teams joined remotely. Nine unions from North America were represented along with 17 teams from the British Union, including North England Conference, South England Conference, Irish Mission, and the Welsh Mission. Approximately 900 Pathfinders, leaders, parents, and guests filled the convention hall.

The teams were asked 90 questions based on the Old Testament books of 1 Kings and Ruth. The teams, which are comprised of up to six people, are first chosen by their clubs to compete in their local districts after months of Bible study and memorization. Those who score within 90 percent of the highest score advance to the conference level. The same pattern continues through the union level all the way to the division.

(Photo: The Birmingham Highrisers from the British Union jump for joy when awarded their placement results by Gene Clapp, NAD PBE coordinator. Photo by Anthony White/North Pacific Union Conference)

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