An entirely new version of Revelation Seminar materials has been developed by a specialist in young adult ministries, Steve Case. It is named “Revelation 101: Finding Jesus in the Book of Revelation” and includes an array of materials for an informal small group, a teaching seminar format, or a video seminar.

It is a fresh look at the book of Revelation with a focus on Jesus. The basic book is entitled “7 Keys for Finding Jesus in the Book of Revelation.” The seven keys are literary context, structure of the book, historical/cultural context, key words, compare with other Scripture, Old Testament roots, and how Jesus changes everything. It is just 75 pages.

There is also a 10-session Participant’s Guide which can be used in a small group or seminar setting. There is also a Presenter’s Guide with a full 576 pages that contains everything a presenter needs to give a Revelation 101 seminar in 10 sessions (90 minutes per session), including a one-page outline, a full 5 to 7-page outline, a verbatim script, PowerPoint slides, background study materials and a thumb drive with electronic versions of all the materials.

There is also a video of the 10 sessions being presented at the Arlington (Texas) Seventh-day Adventist Church. It is published on DVD and each session runs for about 90 minutes.

The publisher is Involve Youth and all the materials are distributed by AdventSource, the resource center of the denomination’s North American Division. For more information, go to .