1 October 2019 | The Adventist-made breakfast cereal Weet-Bix is getting its own $1 coin in Australia. The cereal, produced by the Adventist denomination’s Sanitarium health food brand, joins a series of other $1 coins that are named after a number of things that the Australia Post and the Royal Australia Mint call an “iconic reflection of Aussie life.”

According to the Australian The Guardian, other things depicted include the long-running Australian television show “Neighbors,” the expression “G’day” and a meat pie.

The coins are far from being readily available. They can only be obtained as change when you make a purchase at an Australia Post location. The post office is calling the promotion they are launching with the Royal Australia Mint “the Great Aussie Coin Hunt.”

For those wondering what there is to buy from a post office in the country, the Australia Post suggested a sewing machine, among a short list of other products.

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