by Monte Sahlin, May 18, 2017:    “I’ve never sensed such a coming together, open hearted, look at the opportunities in front of the Adventist Today (AT) by the supporters of this ministry,” wrote a reader/supporter of last week’s first-ever AT membership drive. “The appeals were so moving and at the same time clarifying, hopeful, and affirming.”

Earlier this year, we announced a shift from a subscription-based support for AT to multiple membership entry points from which readers can choose to sustain this ministry. We were eager to see how much support we would receive. Our readers were extremely generous.

We heard from so many of you from across the United States and Canada; we anticipated that. But what completely surprised us was who we heard from from other countries. Readers became members from Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Dominican Republic, South Africa, Tanzania and the United Kingdom. 

We also translated membership invitations into French, German, Portuguese and Russian. While we don’t regularly provide content in those languages, we wanted to extend a hand of friendship to those language groups simply to say that what we provide in English is for them too.

At the beginning of the membership drive we were looking for hundreds of new supporters. And we did hear from readers in generous numbers and raised more than $15,000 in new revenue for this ministry. We fell just short of our goals for the different membership levels, so there is still room for you to get involved.

We are still looking for….

15 – Supporting Members at $20/quarter (that’s about $6.67/month)

12 – Sustaining Members at $15/month (that’s less than 50 cents per day)

29 – Advising Members at $50/month (about a tank of gas in your SUV) 

Please prayerfully consider supporting Adventist Today. As we talked about last week, we want to expand our writer’s assignments, include those who feel marginalized by the church, explore more video and audio resources to enhance your spiritual life, and so much more. All of these services will directly benefit you, your family and friends.

It might be easy to think that someone else is going to give, so why am I needed. Please allow us to reaffirm again how much we need to hear from you if you have not already become a member. It only takes two minutes. The website is safe and secure.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all those who responded last week. And our sincere appreciation goes out to all of you who will still sign up yet this weekend. Please help us finish strong.

Monte Sahlin

CEO/Executive Director

Adventist Today Foundation

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