By Carole Derry-Bretsch, posted August 19, 2015


Make plans to attend the “LOVE AT WORK” TEN COMMANDMENTS MUSICAL AT THE WASHINGTON NATIONAL CATHEDRAL, ON OCTOBER 3. (Details are all repeated below the poster, with working links.)

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Sponsored by Potomac Conference Corporation of Seventh Day Adventists
Start Time October 3, 2015 at 6:00pm EDT
Location Washington National Cathedral
Description The “Love At Work” Ten Commandments Musical is timeless and reaches deep into the soul of man because it is the Word of God–in song. This inspirational musical is not only moving, but it moves you. It speaks to the fact that, GOD IS LOVE! And He loves each one of us like no one else can! The Ten Commandments Musical has gotten rave reviews and will be performed for the first time at the Washington National Cathedral.

Featuring some of your favorite musicians –

Wintley Phipps

Jennifer LaMountain

Steve Darmody

Rudi Micelli

Charles Haugabrooks

Christian Berdahl

Yolanda Innocent-Palmer

Neville Peter

Anika Sampson-Anderson

Javier Gonzales

Steve Adetumbi

Jeremy Morada

Julie Penner

Rachel Hyman

Esther Alonso-Neal


Lonnie Melashenko – Narrator


Barry Black – Chaplain of the United States Senate

John Bradshaw – It Is Written

Clifford Goldstein


Thank You to Yolanda and Schubert Palmer for creating this incredible program.

Watch the promo at:

The “Love at Work Musical” National Cathedral Promo  


Go here for all the details.

You are also able to donate to this awesome musical from this page.