By AT News Team, August 19, 2015:   Omar Miranda, the editor of Insight magazine, the Seventh-day Adventist publication for teens, has personally launched an online evangelism tool for young people titled Amazing Grace.[1] The focus of the website is a version of the “great controversy” story—the origin of evil and God’s solution in the death and resurrection of Jesus. Miranda wrote the account as a response to questions posed by the youth with whom he was working.

The story is set in heaven when Satan returns to announce that humanity has fallen. In the exchange, Jesus reveals his intention to be born as a human, to die, and to be resurrected. A number of theological themes are addressed in this conversation—free will, pain, forgiveness, salvation and perfection, among others.

“The story was originally written in 2002 as an apologetic response to mostly middle-schoolers, teens and young adults’ questions, discussions, and aversions to God related to the existence of pain, evil, and suffering,” Miranda told Adventist Today.

“Over the course of my ministry, I’ve noticed that everybody struggles in some way with this issue,” Miranda shared. “We live in a world that’s filled with evil, pain and suffering. I think there’s enough pain and suffering in everyone’s life, that broaching this issue won’t be difficult at all.”

Miranda believes the website is well-suited for sharing with friends and people who are struggling. He explains: “This is a great tool for sending to a friend with a short blurb: ‘Hey, I finally know the truth about why evil, pain, and suffering exist in the world! Check it out!’ And include the link.”

Miranda told Adventist Today that people could have business cards printed with the website. “In the course of someone’s daily life and conversations, if the Lord impresses them, they could hand a person a card and encourage them to check out the site,” he shared.

Over time, Miranda hopes to expand the resources provided on the website. Currently, there are ten links to external websites where people may learn more about various themes covered in the primary story. “It’s my hope that as I find additional financial support and sponsorship, that I’ll be able to provide a dedicated blog with new content daily or weekly,” Miranda noted. Furthermore, he would also like to establish a forum or chat room, add additional audio and video testimonies, attach a downloadable PDF version of the story that could be sent to others as a stand-alone resource, publish a book in multiple formats (paperback, hardcover, audio), and produce a dramatic radio theater version.

“It’s my hope that this story and web-site will draw the reader to really think deeply and critically about who God is, and to search for Him in a deeper and more focused way,” Miranda explained to Adventist Today. “And I know that if they are searching for Him with all their hearts, they will find Him.”