22 May 2018 | On Sunday, May 20, over 500 runners participated in the second annual “Stand up to Stigma” 5K run/walk sponsored by the Loma Linda University Health Behavioral Medicine Center in Redlands, California.

“We want to raise awareness of issues surrounding mental health,” said the administrator of the Behavioral Medicine Center, Edward Field, MBA. “We have found there is a lot of stigma surrounding mental health, so people are nervous to talk about it.

“Many find it’s easier to talk about heart disease or cancer,” he said. “The disease of mental illness is no different. It’s all part of health care.”

The race featured several honorary attendees, the majority of whom have been patients at the Behavioral Medicine Center.

According to a news article about the event on the Loma Linda University Health website, the Behavioral Medicine Center has been in operation for over 25 years, providing comprehensive mental health care. The center provides treatment for addictions, anxiety, or depression, for people of all ages.

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