June 29, 2017:    The Seventh-day Adventist Church in Western Washington is being sued for allegedly ignoring warnings about a principal’s inappropriate behavior before he was convicted of rape.

The lawsuit was filed in King County, Washington on June 15.

It claimed that the Adventist Church disregarded years of warnings about Douglas Allison, the pedophile principal of Mountain View Christian School who was sentenced to 26.5 years for child rape and molestation.

Seattle’s KIRO News television station reported that attorney Chris Davis’ clients are suing the Adventist Church because their 10-year-old daughter was a victim as well as another 10-year-old girl.

According to the lawsuit, Mountain View Christian School was made aware of Allison being overly affectionate with students six months before his arrest.

In addition, the lawsuit claims that at least one student at an Adventist school in California where Allison worked before, reported him putting his hands down her pants.

“Those complaints reached the board for the school down in California and we believe the church basically did nothing,” said Davis.

The lawyer said that he could not know for certain if Allison was intentionally moved to Adventist-run Mountain View Christian School in order to bury the California allegations.

“I have to think because he moved to a different church-sponsored school, the same church, that many in the church knew what was going on,” Davis said.

The Adventist Church in Western Washington has yet to make a public comment on the lawsuit.

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