From ANN – 12 January 2020 | Kari Paulsen, wife of Pastor Jan Paulsen, former president of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists (GC), passed away in Norway, January 10. Pastor Paulsen was by her side.

Current GC President Ted N.C. Wilson said in a post on his Facebook Page, “Please pray during this 10 Days of Prayer and beyond for Pastor Paulsen and the Paulsen family as I have. Mrs. Paulsen was a very capable person and a strong support for Pastor Paulsen in his life and their ministry together over many decades in different parts of the world. What a hope we have in Christ’s soon return when we will see all those who have died in Christ and we will all be transformed into eternal youth through the Life-giver Himself. May the Comforter come especially close to Pastor Paulsen and the entire Paulsen family. Jesus is coming soon!”

Image credit Josef Kissinger / ANN

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