Hang around the (virtual) offices of AT and there’s a rallying call you are bound to hear:

“We want to help the Adventist Church be the best it can be.”

This isn’t just something we say. It is vitally important to us. And from listening to you, our amazing readers and fellow AT family members, we know it is important to you too. Each of us longs for a community of faith that is open, inclusive and generous: one in which we can grow in Christ while maintaining intellectual curiosity and honesty.

It’s because we believe the Adventist Church can (and must) change for the better that we publish our unique brand of accessible, independent journalism. It’s what motivates us to report the whole story (not just GC-approved PR) in the news articles you read and it’s the spirit that drives our insightful commentary writers that you enjoy.

Here’s why this is so important…

More than just reporting news and providing commentary, AT is focused on creating a positive alternative to the often restrictive vision for the Adventist Church propagated by denominational leaders that seem intent on narrowing the parameters of what it means to be Adventist. We believe there’s room for healthy diversity of thought in a community of faith. Our community is best when we allow for the Holy Spirit to work on us as individuals. Truth is not determined by manipulating parliamentary procedure or forcing through GC Session votes.


As you can imagine, AT’s approach isn’t always popular with the guardians of the status quo. Those that thrive on predictability and top-down denominational identity may find the openness of an alternative approach threatening.

Some folks may even wish to silence progressive Adventist journalism. But we refuse to let the detractors sway us from our work. More than ever, your financial support, prayers, and cheerful notes and phone calls of encouragement, give us the boost we need. They remind us that there is nothing we can’t accomplish with God guiding our efforts and a strong AT family backing us.

Powerful Progressive Journalism

The early Adventist pioneers believed in progressive revelation and knew that acquiring Present Truth meant wrestling with concepts and remaining open to learning more. Believing that the best days of this church are ahead of us, AT aims to grow as a constructive, innovative voice in pursuit of spiritual and congregational health.

That’s why we’ve published our much-loved magazine for almost three decades. It’s also why AT publishes on several other powerful platforms like our website, our social media channels or the award-winning AT Update newsletter you are reading right now!

No matter how you enjoy AT, you know that the accessible, independent journalism and principled openness we stand for are desperately needed in the Adventist Church.

Show Us You Stand With Us

It means a lot to have friends that support you through thick and thin. Your support is vital. We simply can’t publish and keep growing AT without your prayers, your promotion of what we publish, and your generous financial gifts.

Our 2022 Summer Fundraiser is under way! Thank you for taking the time to make a generous donation today at atoday.org/donate. If you want help making an online gift, call 800.236.3641 or 503.826.8600 (outside USA) and we’d be excited to help you fill out the form.

With immense gratitude,

Loren Seibold
AT Executive Editor

Bjorn Karlman
AT Executive Director