30 January 2018 | The Adventist Church in Ghana is demanding justice after members of the Adoato-Adumanu congregation in the Ashanti region of the country were attacked by armed robbers during an all-night prayer meeting on Christmas Eve 2017. A similar attack in the same month on the country’s Ahinsan SDA Church (also in the Ashanti region) resulted in the injury of an elder.

Ghana Web reports that although a police investigation has been launched, no perpetrator has been brought to justice for the Adoato-Adumanu attack. During the incident, three armed robbers stole personal belongings of the Adventists present including mobile phones, electronic gadgets and cash amounting to GHS 8,000 cedis (approx USD 1,780.) One person was injured during the attack.

President of the Mid-Central Conference of the Adventist Church in Ghana, Seth Asiedu, told the country’s Nyhira News that he wanted law enforcement to hasten investigations and bring those responsible to justice.

Shortly after the Christmas Eve attack, the Mid-Central Ghana Conference of the Adventist Church issued a statement condemning the attack and wishing the victims well.

The statement said that it is only when there is security that the Church can function as one of the “agencies of socialisation” and “change lives in society.”

GhanaWeb reports that robbery attacks on churches are “fast gaining notoriety” in the country.

The Mid-Central Ghana Conference of the Adventist Church has 61 churches and 19,273 members according to the Adventist Yearbook.

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