30 January 2018 | Earlier today, Elder Jim Micheff accepted an invitation to become the new president of the Michigan Conference of the Adventist denomination. He had previously served as the Executive Secretary of the conference.

Micheff replaces Jay Gallimore, the outgoing president of the Michigan Conference and an outspoken leader in church issues such as opposition to women’s ordination, who retires from the position on January 31.

According to a news story on the Michigan Conference website, the constitution of the Michigan Conference had called for the nominating committee from the past constituency of the conference to coordinate with the current executive committee, under the chairmanship of the Lake Union president in selecting the new president. The Lake Union is the headquarters for the Adventist Church for the states surrounding Lake Michigan.

Elder Maurice Valentine, president of the Adventist denomination’s Lake Union, presided over the meetings. Committees met over two Sundays on January 21 and 28 to select the new president.

Micheff was offered the Michigan Conference presidency on January 28 and accepted the position today.

Micheff started his ministry in 1994 as a pastor for the Rocky Mountain Conference. He accepted a call to the Michigan Conference in 1996. In 2000, Micheff assumed the role of director of the youth department for the Michigan Conference, serving in that role for about seven years. He became the executive secretary for the Michigan Conference in 2007.

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