March 16, 2017:   A dilapidated home on Adventist-owned property in Brunswick, Georgia was torched on purpose by firefighters on March 12.

The building was in serious disrepair and Brunswick Seventh-Day Adventist Church decided it was cheaper to burn the building on its property down than to pay for its demolition.

Georgia’s lower coast newspaper The News reported that local firefighters were delighted at the church’s decision to part with the home.

Setting the house ablaze allowed for valuable training exercises to take place.

Among other objectives, firefighters rescued a 185-pound dummy from a burning bedroom during the controlled burn.

A hole was cut in the roof to help control flames and smoke.

Glynn County Fire Lt. Joe Poppell said that destroying the Adventist home gave firefighters an “outstanding opportunity” and that “no matter how good a burn room is at a training facility, you can’t beat this.”

Glynn County Fire Chief, R.K. Jordan​ said that the firefighting force had not had this good a training opportunity in at least a decade.