Dr. Loren Seibold, the Executive Editor of Adventist Today, will travel to Silver Spring, Maryland, later this week to cover the annual meeting of the governing body of the Seventh-day Adventist denomination; the annual council of the General Conference (GC) executive committee. The meeting will continue through next Wednesday (October 12). The union conference presidents from around the world, a delegation from each of the 13 GC divisions (including a few pastors and laity in each group) and the GC officers and department heads make up this committee of roughly 300 individuals. It is the policy-making body of the denomination and provides overall guidelines for finances.

Seibold will send out quick reports throughout each day as news develops and decisions are voted, starting Sunday morning, October 9, on the Adventist Today page on Facebook and through Twitter. There will also be a daily summary report published on the www.atoday.org website.