For six years Debbonnaire Kovacs has served as Feature Editor and editor of the Poetry and the Arts section of Adventist Today. She wrote a human interest story each week, usually a devotional piece as well and looked for news about Adventists in the arts, as well as interacted with Adventist poets, musicians, writers, photographers and other artists who wanted to share some of their work with our readers.

Debbonnaire is a published author (at least 16 books) and an accomplished editor with a number of major projects she is currently contracted for. She is also a regular speaker for various groups, a leader for retreats, a farmer in Kentucky, and an active participant in two congregations. She is a gifted and godly person.

We thank her for her contribution to Adventist Today and pray for God’s richest blessings on her new projects.

Monte Sahlin, CEO, Adventist Today