November 7, 2017:    Loma Linda University has trained 872 kindergarten to fifth grade students in CPR at Chapman Heights Elementary in Yukaipa, California.

According to a report on LLU’s website, the October 26, hands-only CPR training was provided as part of the university’s School of Allied Health Professions Life Support Education program.

The trainers came from LLU’s Life Support Education and its Medical Simulation Center. They were joined by local firefighters.

The training was part of an effort by LLU to train 50,000 students in CPR by 2020.

“We wanted to teach our kids to save a life and challenge others in our nation to do the same,” said Louis Kelly, an instructor at Life Support Education who says the Yukaipa event was the first of its kind in the region and possibly the first nationwide.

“Thank goodness for Mr. Kelly and his spirit to involve our students in this program,” said Andy Anderson, principal at Chapman Heights Elementary.

“Though these kids are small, we are teaching them the skills and know how to tell an adult how to do CPR if needed,” said Kelly.

Dick Riddell, mayor of the city of Yucaipa, congratulated the Chapman Heights Elementary students on their completed training.

He presented department chair of cardiopulmonary sciences at LLU School of Allied Health Professions, David Lopez, with an honorary certificate on behalf of the city of Yukaipa recognizing LLU’s commitment to educate and help the local community in health care safety.

LLU’s Life Support Education Program is in the process of reaching out to Redlands Unified School District and Indian Springs High School to train more students in CPR.

According to the American Heart Association, not even a third of the over 325,000 people annually who experience cardiac arrest are given CPR. California law requires all high school graduates to be trained in CPR.

Loma Linda University is an Adventist coeducational health sciences university located in Loma Linda, California. The university has eight schools and the Faculty of Graduate Studies. It is the denomination’s flagship health sciences institution.

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