Those who are quick to defend Ms. Homolka’s volunteer presence among schoolchildren would do well actually to familiarize themselves with the nature of her crimes. As I recall, law enforcement officials involved in the case said it was one of the most horrific cases they ever had seen. As I further recall, her acts were so grisly that newspapers at the time would not even publish many of the details.

Moreover, she and her then-husband videotaped records of some of the torture and death they visited upon some of their innocent victims, and she clearly was shown therein to be a willing participant. Remember, also, that one of the torture/murder victims was her own sister, in whose rape Ms. Homolka actively participated.

In a plea bargain that became known as “The Deal With The Devil,” she was allowed to plead guilty to manslaughter in exchange for her implicating her husband.

I believe in forgiveness, and sometimes I believe in redemption, but I do not recall Ms. Homolka’s ever having taken full responsibility for her own behavior, or having issued a real apology to the families affected.

Please have the intellectual integrity to acquaint yourselves with the facts.

Kathryn Hawley Anderson