8 July 2018 | Last Monday, Ben Carson defended a plan to raise the rent on public housing. The Adventist former neurosurgeon said the plan to raise minimum subsidized rent from $50 to $150 would give tenants “more skin in the game.”

Delivering the keynote at the American Conservative Union Foundation’s Conservative Political Action Conference 365 in Memphis, Tennessee, Carson said he was trying to incentivize public housing recipients to reach their God-given potential.

“What we’re really doing is declaring war on poor management and taking care of what should be done,” said Carson, denying that the plan represented a “war on the poor.”

According to the Memphis Commercial Appeal, he responded to criticism that the Trump administration wanted to raise rent on disabled and the elderly, with “What a bunch of crap,” saying that the plan was initially proposed under the previous administration.

Carson launched an unsuccessful bid for the United States presidency, running as a Republican candidate in 2016.

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