On May 5 Dr. Major Coleman will be the featured speaker for an event organized by the Adventist student group at the State University of New York (SUN) at New Paltz. The Origins and Basic Assumptions Conference is designed to expose students to the science that supports the creation model of human origins. 

Coleman is chair of the Department of Black Studies at SUNY New Paltz. He is a third generation Adventist and a young Earth creationist who teaches in the Evolutionary Studies Program at the secular university. He has challenged his colleagues to engage in a written debate with himself and Dr. Walter Brown of the Center for Scientific Creation, and so far they have refused.

The Adventist Ministries Engaging New Paltz SUNY (AMENSUNY) is the only Christian student group on the campus to offer an open event for the entire university community.  This event offers a unique perspective because it is one of the rare occasions when one can hear a Black American perspective on origins.  It will provide a combination of philosophy of science, social science, natural science and theology. 

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Black Americans are the only ethnic group in America among whom most people are Biblical literalists.  Because of the Atlantic slave trade, Blacks have a particular and extraordinary need to link their origin ideas, not only with the teachings of their churches, but also with the natural and social science they learn at colleges and universities.  Unfortunately, the origin ideas of Blacks are often ridiculed and mocked on secular campuses. 

The Conference is geared toward secular university students and faculty.  However, Adventists will learn why evolutionists identify Ellen G. White as the originator of creation science and how modern science supports White.

Coleman received a law degree from the University of Maryland and practiced law for many years with the federal government. He received a Ph.D. in political science from the University of Chicago and has spent more than three decades as an educator. He is an expert on the political economy of race, evidence, the scientific method, formal argument, critical thinking and logic. He has published widely in the most respected scholarly journals in the U.S. and abroad. His great passion is the Cross of Jesus Christ and he is dedicated to the salvation of all people.

In addition to the live streaming of the event, all of the documents can be downloaded at Powerstation.org. The live stream is free. After the conference, the video may be viewed for a small fee. 

The on-site event will begin at 8 am in New York with breakfast, a book show and video show. At 9 am the introductory session will begin and continue through 1 pm. After lunch, the presentation will continue from 2:30 to 4 pm, followed by a question and answer time. The times are in Eastern time zone.

Whether you attend or watch the live streaming online, Coleman asks “please pray that I and the entire AMENSUNY team will lift high the Cross of Christ.”