15 September 2022  |

by Sigve Tonstad

What Did Job Say at the End of His Ordeal—and What Did It Mean?

The Book of Job is a book of revelations. The frame story and the poetic sections have many unexpected twists, but none greater than the ending. How can God say that Job has said what is right when, in God’s disclosure from the whirlwind, God seems to tell him that he was wrong?

In this presentation I will focus on Job’s final speech, his response to God after God has spoken. What did Job say at the end of his ordeal if he did not say, ‘I despise myself, and I repent in dust and ashes?’ What is the revelation in this book of revelations? 


Sigve K. Tonstad is Research Professor of Biblical Interpretation and Assistant Professor of Medicine at Loma Linda University. He has worked as a physician and pastor and since 2007 as a faculty member at the School of Religion at Loma Linda University. His books in English are The Scandals of the Bible (2000), Saving God’s Reputation: The Theological Function of Pistis Iesou in the Cosmic Narratives of Revelation (T. & T. Clark, 2006), The Lost Meaning of the Seventh Day (Andrews University Press, 2009), God of Sense and Traditions of Non-Sense (Eugene: Wipf & Stock, 2016), Letter to the Romans: Paul among the Ecologists (Earth Bible Series; Sheffield: Sheffield Phoenix, 2017), and The Paideia Commentary on Revelation (Grand Rapids: Baker Academic, 2019). 


Gina Jett is a retired attorney living in the Sacramento, California, area.

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