9 March 2022  |

The history of the Adventist church starts with a woman. That woman still holds the highest place of any of our church pioneers. She is quoted, used as a spiritual authority, exalted as a leader, and by some almost worshipped.

But after Ellen White, our church history remembered almost none of the women who made Seventh-day Adventists who we are. What happened? How did a church that was started by a woman—and has a majority of female members—end up forgetting the women who shaped it?

Jim Wibberding has done scores of biographies of women who had powerful influence in the our denomination, who are now almost completely forgotten. In this presentation, he’ll bring us some impressive stories of women who shaped the Adventist church. Among others;

  • Maud Sisley Boyd, who was responsible for many Adventist “firsts” in Switzerland, England, South Africa, Australia, and elsewhere.
  • Minnie Sype, who didn’t much like “woman preachers” until God called her to be one.
  • Ruth Temple, who pioneered public health in California and was the first Black female doctor licensed in the state.
  • Flora Plummer, who crafted Sabbath School into a centerpiece of the local church.

Jim will ask us to consider why our church went from woman-led to determinedly patriarchal, and how we can to return to our feminist roots.


James Wibberding, D.Min., is Professor of Applied Theology and Biblical Studies at Pacific Union College in California.



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