9 November 2021  |

We’re proud to announce that our Autumn 2021 magazine is in the mail! The theme is interpreting the Bible, and we have some captivating articles! Here’s who is in our table of contents:

  • Olive J. Hemmings: “Four Misunderstood Texts About Biblical Interpretation”
  • Matthew J. Korpman: “When God Wants Dis/Obedience: Wrestling with Genesis 22”
  • Maury Jackson: “Interpreting Life With the Help of the Bible”
  • Herold Weiss: “Paul and Living Free in Christ”
  • Steven Siciliano: “Can We Really Have the Assurance of Salvation?”
  • Daniel A. Mora: “Adventism’s Identity Crisis: ‘To Be Children of God, Not Grandchildren or Great-Grandchildren'”
  • Edwin Torkelsen: “Don’t Read the Bible Unless You Want to Be Challenged”
  • Loren Seibold: “A Compassionate, Practical Bible About a Compassionate, Practical God”
  • Reinder Bruinsma: “How Do I Read the Bible?”