25 December 2018 | Andrews University senior Eunice Hansen recently won an American Proficiency Institute (API) scholarship to help further her medical laboratory science studies. According to a December 20 news story on the Andrews website, she is one of five recipients of the $2,000 scholarship, picked out of a group of 300 that applied nationwide. The scholarship program is in its 11th year.

“The enthusiasm these students have for the science behind the clinical laboratory is clear,” said API president Daniel C. Edson. “From an intrigue with genetics to culturing reindeer samples for enteric pathogens, this year’s scholarship winners have a variety of interests and experiences.”

Hansen spoke about her interest for the laboratory science in verse: “Medical laboratory scientist I’m desiring to be. Measuring, testing, discovering and analyzing is key. To running the tests which help doctors provide relief. Making a difference and that difference begins with me.”

Karen Reiner, PhD, MT(ASCP), Department Chair, Program Director and Clinical Coordinator in Medical Laboratory Sciences at Andrews University, said that Hansen had the “dedication and commitment to the preparation required for practicing as medical laboratory professional.”

The American Proficiency Institute is one of the main global proficiency testing providers, with a network of over 20,000 laboratory clients. It serves hospital and reference laboratories and other facilities.

Andrews University is an Adventist university located in Berrien Springs, Michigan. Founded in 1874 as Battle Creek College, it was the first higher education facility started by the denomination and is widely recognized as the flagship university of the church. It has over 3000 students on campus. The institution offers approximately 130 undergraduate programs and 70 graduate programs.

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