17 July 2019 | The body of an alleged murder victim was found after having been hid in a bush behind the Adventist Educational Unit Office on the Kasadjan road in the New Juaben North municipality of Ghana’s Eastern Region.

The Ghanaian Times reported that two suspects were arrested in connection with the suspected murder. The victim was a 24-year-old woman.

The arrests of Francis Togbuiga, 36, and Iddi Mohammed, 30, took place at Abrewa Nkwantam, a suburb of Koforidua, in the same part of the country. Authorities are seeking two additional suspects.

The victim, identified in the Ghanaian Times by her first name, Rita, was last seen on July 9 when she headed for work and never returned. Her body was found lying face up in a bush.

According to the authorities there is evidence that she struggled against her attackers. There were bruises on her cheek, as well as blood coming from her left ear. Other marks were found on her back, right ankle, buttocks and thighs.

There are over 350,000 Adventist members in Ghana.

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