Dear Readers: 

No question from a reader this week. But recently I came across this bit of wisdom from an AT reader, who gave me permission to share it. 

Church: Why are young people leaving the faith?

Young people: Well, you see, we’re discouraged by the fighting about totally irrelevant issues while real crises are happening and being ignored.

Church: It’s a complete mystery!

Young people: We have real questions about theological points we’ve been taught, and no satisfactory answers.

Church: Perhaps if we add some flashier musical numbers to our service, or hire a youth pastor who wears a beanie?

Young people: We keep seeing the wide gap between the life and teachings of Jesus and the behavior of Christian leaders, and it’s making us lose confidence in the establishment. 

Church: How about a bigger and nicer church building? Like a theater, with multimedia and an amazing sound system?

Young people: We can no longer tolerate the blatant misogyny and homophobia our church leaders espouse, and which remain the official church position.

Church: [Shrug] Well, I guess we’ll just never know.

Dear readers, what do you think?

Aunt Sevvy

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