August 6, 2017:    A woman in Barbados, upset about how a complaint has been handled by the Adventist Church, is taking the denomination to court.

The woman claims that an Adventist church pastor made advances toward her in a series of texts between the two of them.

On August 5, the Barbados Nation News reported that the woman told the country’s Saturday Sun newspaper that the church had spent a year and a half investigating the texts only to rule that there were no grounds to discipline the pastor.

The church allegedly claimed that since there was no policy on how to deal with a pastor who acted in such a manner, he could not be disciplined.

The pastor was simply placed on three months suspension during the investigation. He was asked to apologize to the woman and was moved to a different church.

The woman who is bringing the legal complaint against the Adventist Church in Barbados was told by the congregation that she had been engaged in behavior with the married pastor that constituted entrapment.

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