“Where have you been?” It’s one of those loaded questions you get when you walk back into church after a long absence. Many times, it feels like an accusation. You haven’t been to church, you don’t plan to come back but a family member or friend has asked you join them for a special event. And now, someone you know is looking at you like the backslider you heard about when you were younger and going to church.

What if there were another meaning. What if someone really wanted to know about your journey. . . no agenda, no judgement, just a chat about your adventure in life since church? It can feel pretty good.

Adventist Today is looking for you. We have no agenda (well, a little one that you’ve already seen coming) other than to provide information on how a whole culture of Adventism is affecting and being affected in a very chaotic world.

We don’t need you back in church. We do, however, want to give you a place where you can check in see what your academy buddy or former work colleague is talking about and engage in civil, spirited discussion with others like you and people you know who are still doing church.

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