5 October 2020 | A group of Adventists in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, launched an online Bible study in March as the coronavirus pandemic restricted other forms of outreach.

The group that now has grown to over 150 people meets via Whatsapp and Zoom. It is focused on engaging people outside the denomination.

“Weekly lessons reach students through the WhatsApp messaging app and a weekly review of the lesson is done on Saturdays, inside a virtual class using the Zoom video conferencing platform,” said Adventist News Network in a report on the group.

Pastor Cladson Rodrigues, who oversees the project, views the class as a way to provide spiritual nourishment during a challenging season.

“What I am learning I already pass on to [other] people. I sow the seed and the Holy Spirit convicts,” said Dalva Oliveira who received an invite from an Adventist to join the online gathering. She’d learned about the denomination via TV Novo Tiempo, Adventist television programming in Brazil.

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